Cathy in Indi Electorate

Named after the Aboriginal name for the Murray River, the electorate of Indi covers a vast and diverse segment of Victoria – 29,187 sq km in all – and represents a population of approximately 130,000 people. Comprising rural towns and large regional centres like Wangaratta, Wodonga, Benalla and Mansfield, the electorate spans the north-east of Victoria from the Wodonga Rural City Council, sweeping across to the easternmost parts of the Strathbogie Shire and brushing across the regions just north of Melbourne to include Murrindindi Shire Council.

In its entirety, Indi electorate comprises:

  • Alpine Shire,
  • Benalla Rural City,
  • Indigo Shire,
  • Mansfield Shire,
  • Moira Shire’s south-eastern corner,
  • Murrindindi Shire,
  • Towong Shire,
  • Rural City of Wangaratta,
  • Wodonga City,
  • the unincorporated area of Falls Creek Alpine Resort,
  • the unincorporated area of Lake Mountain Alpine Resort,
  • the unincorporated area of Mount Buller Alpine Resort, and
  • the unincorporated area of Mount Hotham Alpine Resort.

This map depicts the boundaries of the electorate of Indi as they existed when Cathy was MP. The boundaries changed in 2019 to incorporate part of Strathbogie Shire, with a further change slated for sometime before the 2021/22 election.