Cathy in Parliament

Cathy McGowan’s first speech
in the 45th Australian Parliament

The succession plan:
Cathy hands on the baton

Cathy McGowan’s final speech
in the 45th Australian Parliament

Cathy McGowan on the need for a National Integrity Commission

Outlining amendments to the Future Drought Fund Bill 201

Indi commits to Indigenous representation

Cathy McGowan on childcare funding failure

Energy minister visits Indi for renewables roundtable

Young Indi constituents share their Vision for Indi

Speech Transcripts

Office for Regional Australia Bill (2019)

Presented in conjunction with member for Mayo, Rebekha Sharkie, the Office for Regional Australia Bill sought to develop an office for regional Australia modelled on the Productivity Commission, where the community was provided with greater input to policy implementation; which supported the development of regional strategic plans and regional deals; and which backed the Regional Development Australia network’s research and analysis to drive development in regional Australia.

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National Integrity Commission Bill (2018)

The National Integrity Commission Bill aimed to establish the Australian National Integrity Commission as an independent, broad-based, public sector anti-corruption commission for the Commonwealth. The Bill built on the work of others, such as the Committee of Privileges and Members’ Interests, the Australian Greens and The Australia Institute’s National Integrity Committee, and was moved by Cathy following broad scale public consultation, which demonstrated community appetite for measures that would create a culture of integrity and a proactive, solutions-focused approach to preventing corruption.

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